Joanna in the Small & Loud studio

Welcome to the Small & Loud studio

I'm Joanna, the maker beind Small & Loud.

I've been crafting and sewing for as long as I can remember. The Elna sewing machine you can see in the photo above is the same machine that my mum taught me to sew on when I was about four years old.

How Small & Loud began

When my husband Richard and I moved to Christchurch in 2015, I struggled to find work. So to bring in some income, I started sewing a few things and selling them at the New Brighton Seaside Market. The felt animal masks were the most popular, so they became my focus. 

Our philosophy

The first mask I made was a birthday present for my nephew Nate. I wanted a gift that was light to post and that would encourage good old-fashioned play, and wasn’t a typical toy that would add to the clutter in his bedroom. The Small & Loud philosophy has stayed the same since then – creating thoughtful, yet simple toys and games that encourage imaginary play, creativity and learning.

Joanna in the Small & Loud studio